Online Data Room for Secure and Private Data Storage

Storing sensitive data is a challenge for many businesses, as they want to manage an accessible and organized document structure and ensure it is secure enough to share with unauthorized users on the Internet. A virtual data room can help solve these problems by offering a flexible and safe space that meets international security standards. In addition, with its tools, companies can conduct complex transactions on the VDR platform. In this article, you’ll learn how a data room provides secure storage for businesses.

Why is it important to use a virtual data room?

The world of modern technology has opened the door for us to improve all aspects of our lives, including business, dramatically. Many processes can now be done in half the time and more easily, saving a significant amount of time and improving overall business productivity. However, in contrast, new challenges have emerged, such as cyber-attacks and viruses, which, if poorly protected, can lead to data breaches. Data leakage is dangerous because it can lead to the loss of significant funds, reputation, customers, and even bankruptcy. That’s why companies need to use professional tools to store and share confidential documents. Email solutions and publicly available file-sharing programs don’t provide businesses the proper security that virtual data rooms do. Virtual data rooms are unique, feature-rich spaces that offer solutions to several business problems at once. They provide a secure repository, a secure area for collaboration and transactions. VDRs are used in due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, fundraisers, and other operations involving sensitive data exchange.

How does VDR ensure data security?

Virtual data rooms have several layers of security that ensure protection against external and internal threats of data leakage; VDR solutions use:

    • Built-in virus scanning -all data you upload to the space is automatically scanned for viruses
    • Backup – this backup is permanent, and you can always restore the latest version of your stored data in case of disaster
    • Encryption – Documents are encrypted during storage and transmission, so unauthorized users cannot see the file contents
    • Dual authentication – all users must enter not only a login and password when logging in but also a one-time code
    • Watermarks – contains all the information about the user that used the document; very useful if you need to identify the source of the leak
    • Detailed permissions – admins decide how much access each participant has to the document. So, you can forbid partial access, copying, printing, editing, forwarding, and downloading the paper
    • Remote Destruction -allows you to revoke access to a document from someone else’s device; very useful if someone’s device has been lost or stolen

Other benefits of virtual data room storage

VDR allows for effective document management of any size, as it automates most routine processes and offers a centralized repository that anyone authorized can access from any device and location. Data management tools include:

    • Mass Download – Upload a large volume of documents in a single click
    • Automatic categorization – all uploaded documents are automatically organized for easy retrieval
    • Multiple file types and automatic conversion – you don’t need to waste time on document conversion; the program either does it for you or supports all file types you need for your work
    • Drag function – create countless folders and subfolders and use drag and drop for better control
    • Smart search – finds the document you need with just one or a few keywords